I only want a few shots!

Awwww I am so flattered that you would like me to capture pictures of you / your child / wedding / company / pet giraffe! Really I am, but if you are on this page, it means you have presumed I can afford to give you a discount or shoot for free. Oh my sweet summer child, how wrong you are.

So get comfy, grab a drink and let me educate you my dear:

I understand that it is impossible to know what someone’s job entails, so if you are reading this page, its because you have assumed that my job is just pointing and shooting my camera, and most likely asked me to do it for free or for a discount. Possibly with food, drink, company or worst, instagram likes as payment. 

I do understand, that lack of knowledge about the industry is the cause of this, so here I have put together a very brief explanation of what you are actually asking of me to do when you think its just a couple of snaps:



For the average portrait shoot:

1-5 hours shooting

1-3 hours travelling

1 hour equipment service

1-2 hour cull

4-10 hours editing

1-3 hours admin – backing up, planning, location scouting

Total, but not limited to:  24 hours, 3 days work


Average Event: 2-6 hours shooting

1–3 hour cull

4-10 hours editing

1 -5 hours travelling

1 hour equipment service

1-3 hours admin – backing up, planning, location scouting

Total, but not limited to: 28 hours – 3.5 days work


Average Wedding: 8-12hrs shooting

3 hour equipment service

1-4 hours travelling

3-6 hour cull

1-2 weeks editing

8 hours admin – backing up, planning, lighting, location scouting, print orders

Total, but not limited to: two and a half weeks work

All of these are variable depending on the shoot


You are asking me to use 13 years worth of my training, knowledge and skill. 

The last three years alone, I have invested around £20,000 in cameras, lenses, lighting and computer equipment. I invest heavily in my business, so I could not tell you how many thousands I have spent over the years. 

Monthly I have to pay for software, subscriptions, insurance, and galleries.

On top of this, I have to pay myself for the time I do general business tasks such as accounts, marketing, networking, website and social media updates, servicing and maintaining equipment and training to further my skills.

I cannot afford to do any of this if I work for free or discounted rates.

See where I am going with this?

For those of you who say, 'oh you don’t have to shoot all the time, you can party and just grab shots occasionally.' That is not how my job works. To spot the best candid moments, you have to constantly be prepared, changing your settings for each change in the light, making sure you are at the right angle, making sure there is no one blocking your photo and always making sure you are near the action in case this shot presents itself. This is not possible to do while enjoying a party.

Now imagine, that I get asked this so much, (only by friends or acquaintances, never clients), that I had to spend time and money to create a web page so I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself on a regular basis.

If you're still reading, well done! I'm almost finished!

In summary each shoot I do at a reduced or free price still needs to be paid for, as I have to find the money to cover my equipment, software, transport and general business costs I used for said free shoot, this means I then have to take on extra work to pay for your free / discounted shoot and edit your shoot in what should be my free time. Meaning I am now in debt to my social life, as well as my business and I've had to work twice as hard for half the money.

So do you see why, asking artists to work for free feels pretty crappy for them?

Hopefully now you see, this is nothing against you. I have worked in this industry long enough to know even if you had a million instagram followers, I can't pay my rent with likes.  

My clients pay for my work, because they want epic photos from a reliable, fun, and creative photographer with a proven track record - and that's me baby!

If you want that, my prices, based on my cost of business, are between £95-£350 per hour depending on how much work is involved in the shoot. And you bet your ass I will work my little heart out on it.

I do not get to keep that money and drive off in my lambo, that money runs my business, and I take home £10-£45 per hour.  Out of that I have to pay my own pension, health insurance, food, rent and general living expenses. 

For a professional photographer I am relatively cheap. I have no grand desires to live in a mansion, I just want to do a job I love with all my heart and happy clients.

Any photographer charging less than my average rate, will not be able to afford insurance, back up equipment and a proper backup plan for your photos when something inevitably goes wrong. 


Now you understand what ‘bringing my camera along and taking a few snaps ‘ entails, and it isn’t something I can do without serious consequences for my business and sanity. Please respect me, my business and the field I have chosen to work in and PAY YOUR ARTISTS.

This doesn't just go for me, I write this for all your friends or acquaintances that run their own business, I am sure they have supported you in some way. And unlike a major corporation, they spend money in the local economy and enrich your local community. Return the favour. 

I would never ask you to go into your job for a week and your payment be in 'exposure' or 'instagram likes' rather than actual useful money for yah know, bills and stuff, please don't ask it of me. If you want a luxury service, which is what professional photography is, it ain't free baby! 

Lots of love and no hard feelings!




If you book me after reading this, you better believe I'mma be the best damn photographer you've ever had!


Phone: +447958454353



I am based in between Kent, Sussex and London in the UK, but work all over the globe

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