What To Wear

Choose something you would normally wear, something you feel comfortable and gorgeous in and your personality will shine through!
I also recommend wearing neutral colours with small pops of colour in your accessories (if you are wearing any). Try to avoid wearing clothes that are too bright in colour or overly patterned, as this can be very distracting.
 That beautiful neon pink dress you just bought will make your skin seem bright neon too. Neutral colours and simple clothing will remain timeless and fashionable for years to come. That way you won’t be showing your pictures to your kids one day and
muttering, “Oh no, what was I thinking?” Overall, wear something that represents who you are and something that you like to wear.

For the ladies, stick with clothing that accentuates your body without restricting your movements.
For the guys, a casual button up, plain t-shirt or sweater can’t fail. Do stay away from anything that has big logos on it as these can become unfashionable very quickly. Clothing with parallel lines can cause weird effects when shooting. 

You are very welcome to bring several outfit changes, but keep in mind depending on where we are shooting, that bushes may have to be used as changing rooms!

Make Up and Hair

As much as we’d all like professional hair and make up every day, I appreciate this is defiantly not the norm.
So for make up, wear what you would normally to a nice night out, natural is better as it means there’s less chance of
eyeliner running or lipstick all over your teeth. Make sure that you blend any foundation you are wearing so there are
no tide lines and popping on some translucent powder beforehand always helps, as flash photography will create
some shine (especially on hot days).
As for hair, I recommend sticking with your easiest style you are used to wearing. Trying something drastically new
right before your photo shoot will not give you enough time to adjust to it and find a way to style it in a way that suits

Photoshop Can Only Do So Much

The best images, generally have the least editing, so please keep in mind that stray hairs, exposed bra straps, stains,
loose threads, wrinkled clothing, uneven collars, tan lines will only take you a few minutes to sort out in real life, but
will take hours to fix in Photoshop. So lets get this right in camera!
I do have a two week policy on skin, if it’s a pimple / bruise that is just one of life’s inconveniences, I will remove it
in editing along with my usual skin smoothing, eye brightening and teeth whitening.

As a rule, I do not slim people down in Photoshop, as I do not want to make you look like someone else, I want you
to look like a good version of you! And you are perfect the way you are!


Above all, comfort is king. I want you to be comfortable, relaxed and happy while I’m running around you like a mad
thing with my camera.
I shoot both a mix of candid and posed photos.
For those of you that have not had professional photos before I recommend watching yourself talking on video to get
used to how you look when you aren’t looking in a mirror or taking a selfie.
Posed photos will still be very relaxed as I will use this time to learn a little about you, the directions I give will be
small such as asking you to move hands, and legs slightly so that we enhance all your best features.
Main tips I have for posing are as follows:
• Everyone has a bit of a double chin, I mean EVERYONE, to avoid this, push your face forward slightly, and
angle your chin down.
• Do a 2/3 turn away from the camera. Turning away gives a slimmer profile look in the camera. If you have a
favourite side of your face, make sure that’s the side pointing towards the camera!
• Relaxed hands! Pop them anywhere you feel comfortable, just keep them nice and relaxed, as stiff fingers will
make any uncomfort you feel obvious in the photos.
• Keep your arms away from your side, it adds a lovely curve to your body shape and avoids the dreaded ‘fat
arm’ that happens when you keep your arms pinned to your sides
• When standing, shift your weight on to your back leg and slightly bend your front knee
• And most importantly, BE HAPPY! Even if you ignore every posing rule out there, if you look happy, that’s
what people will feel when they look at your photos.
The rest I will go through with you on the day, or if you have any more concerns, you can look up simple posing

During your session

For portraits, I am on-location photographer. No stuffy studio photography here! When we meet for your session,
we’ll dive right in. I’ll probably make a fool of myself trying to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera,
because trust me, I get it, its can feel really strange having your photos done for the first time. I will boss you around
and tell you how to pose, hopefully make you laugh just a little bit. The most important thing to me is that you are
happy, so if you feel uncomfortable or awkward at any point, tell me! I will do whatever I can to make the situation


Phone: +447958454353

Email: hello@rosebainbridgephotography.com


I am based in between Kent, Sussex and London in the UK, but work all over the globe

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